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Merthyr Tydfil: the cradle of civilization

Merthyr Tydfil is one of my other interests, because of family connections and most importantly a great-great-uncle, D.B. Davies, who played rugby league for Merthyr and Wales in the early 1900s. (D.B. stands for Dai ‘Brecon Road’ Davies, to distinguish him from the other Dai Davies on the Merthyr team; here are some old photos […]

I love Orlando

For some reason I feel a sudden urge to declare my undying love for Orlando the Marmalade Cat. Okay, so this isn’t the real Orlando, because I can’t find any images that are out of copyright, but I hereby declare Orlando to be the king of fictional felines. Continuing the ‘cat in plant pot’ theme. […]


It’s puzzle time, folks, and today I have an anagram for you: I GOOF SLANDER Can you guess what the answer is? If you can’t work it out, here are a few clues: from the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday, and, though it pains me to even to write these words, let alone provide […]

Gratuitous cat picture

…because it’s what the internet’s for. There is a tenuous Russian connection, as although she’s universally known as Chicken, her real name is in fact Chapaev. When she first came into my life, I was reading Victor Pelevin’s novel Chapaev i Pustota (variously translated as The Clay Machine Gun and Buddha’s Little Finger). It’s far from […]