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All posts for the month August, 2009

My work (1)

I’m going to be posting some of my articles and conference papers, and  on the right you will see that the first one, “Dostoevsky Today,” is already there. It’s the introduction I wrote to Dostoevsky: On the Threshold of Other Worlds, a Festschrift for my PhD supervisor Malcolm Jones, which I co-edited with Lesley Milne. Published […]

Blogs are the newspapers of Dostoevsky’s day

One of the aims of this blog is to bring you the latest news and views from the world of Dostoevsky studies.  Everybody knows that hardly anyone, my students included, actually bothers to read Dostoevsky, as this article from The Onion*, Film Adaptation Of “The Brothers Karamazov” Ends Where Most People Stop Reading The Book, […]

Dragging myself into the internet age

Welcome to my new blog.