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Four short links: Gulag

A number of Gulag sites have come or returned to my attention recently, so this is a quick round-up of the best (for reasons I won’t go into, I’m rather short of time at the moment and the longer posts I’m trying to write are somewhat behind schedule). I’ve not included the virtual museums I featured in a previous post, or Mapping the Gulag, which I discussed in relation to the BASEES conference in 2010 that saw the website launch.

1. Sound archives: European memories of the Gulag is a fascinating project. The French academics involved are introduced and interviewed here, and this is an early review of the website.

2. The Gulag project A new site that already has some interesting conceptual maps. I look forward to seeing how it develops.
See also the three parts of the Gulag infrastructure project on The Basement Geographer: the Road of Bones, the Road of Death, and Norilsk.

3. Geologist to Geologist The link is to the section that deals specifically with Dalstroi, although a lot of this interesting but occasionally slightly odd website is concerned with the Gulag and Kolyma; a number of Shalamov’s stories, including ‘Geologi‘, confirm the importance of geology to the development of the camp system.

4. Butugychag Part 1 and part 2 of an evocative two-part photo essay about the best preserved camp in Kolyma, from the excellent Ask Magadan website.

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