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Four short links: Alexandra Kollontai

I’ve been interested in Alexandra Kollontai’s work for a while, and would like to do some research and write about her at some point. But at the moment I’ve got so many other projects on the go that I can’t see how I can possibly fit anything else in. So, as a statement of intent pending actually finding the time to get properly into her work, here are some links.

1. The Kollontai Archive. A large selection of Kollontai’s works in translation on the Marxists Internet Archive. Alas, no Love of Worker Bees, but plenty of other gems here.

2. Alexandra Kollontai. This interesting article by Helen Ward on the Permanent Revolution website covers Kollontai’s biography and work with working class women, and assesses her position as an opponent of ‘bourgeois feminism’.

3. Communism and the Family. A thoughtful review of one of Kollontai’s major works on Vulpes Libris, it examines her thinking about motherhood and the role of the community in raising children with a balance that is often absent from discussions of Kollontai. There’s also a link to a review of Red Love on Vulpes Libris.

4. Alexandra Kollontai and Red Love. This article by Teresa L. Ebert on the Solidarity website provides an in-depth examination of Kollontai’s theories of love and sexuality, comparing her ideas to contemporary gender theories and showing the continued relevance of her analysis of the class basis of sexuality.

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