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Four short links: Dostoevsky

1. The Complete Works of Dostoevsky. A really pioneering website; the concordance and Gospel, with Dostoevsky’s textual markers, are a must for any scholar. It’s been around for years, and used to be very slow (in the late nineties when I was working on my PhD, searches were best conducted after midnight — at other times you could click on a word, go and make a cup of tea, smoke a cigarette and the results still wouldn’t have come up), but both the speed and the interface have improved greatly in the new version.

2. The Brothers Karamazov. An excellent study guide to the novel — a lot of these things are a bit feeble. I like the fact that this one has not only reading and discussion questions, but also teaching and writing ideas, and some good research resources.

3. St Petersburg Dostoevsky Museum. I love the museum and the people who work there, and the website’s pretty good too. Lots of stuff on Dostoevsky’s life and works, plus information on the museum’s activities — exhibitions, plays, film showings and so on.

4. Adiart toons. Possibly the strangest Dostoevsky-related website out there — Dostoevsky the football fan, Dostoevsky the busker, Dostoevsky in the yellow submarine, the Dostodzilla… very bizarre, and only for those who have a sense of humour about him. I think it’s inspired, and contains some quite acute comments on his ideas.

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