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Four short links: photographs of Russia and Eastern Europe

1. Photographs of Old St Petersburg. A great mapping website with a wonderful collection of old photographs. It’s in Russian only, but easy to use even if you don’t speak the language.

2. Henri Cartier-Bresson. Pictures by one of my favourite photographers, mainly taken during his 1954 visit to Moscow.

3. Vintage Photographs of St Petersburg. From 1909, taken by one Murray Howe, and posted on flickr by his great grandson. His Moscow photographs are also available.

4. Abandoned Monuments. Extraordinary photographs by Jan Kempenaers of Tito-era monuments in the former Yugoslavia.

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  1. Sarah,

    Some pictures of my great-grandfather’s scrap book from the trip to Russia and Europe with racehorses in 1909:


    I have scans of the items in the scrap book and will try to post them to FLICKR as time allows. They have facinated me since early childhood many many years ago.

    The leather binders with the original photographs and Murray’s notes on each one have a gold leaf portrait of the famous horse Lou Dillon who was the star of the trip, and the gold leaf caption “Snapshots along the invasion route of an American Queen and her court”. Lou Dillon (the first trotter to break a two minute mile, was nicknamed “The Queen” – (possibly too much information?!) – best regards, Andy

  2. Thanks Andy – these are fascinating!

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