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Varlam Shalamov on Literary Encyclopedia

Just a quick note to say that my article on Shalamov is now available on the Literary Encyclopedia, a rather good and steadily growing on-line resource. It’s subscription only, which is a real pity, because I think there are plenty of people outside universities who would find the site useful and interesting. Academics, particularly in the arts and humanities in Britain, spend a lot of time these days hand-wringing about the pressure to engage with a wider audience (and a lot of that pressure is indeed misplaced, as in the case of the current plans for ‘Impact’ in the Research Excellence Framework — I’m not going to put up links for that because it’s far too depressing, and if you don’t know about it already, your life won’t be improved by the knowledge), but there seems to be reluctance in a few quarters to embrace the possibilities that are available to us.

Anyway, this very much delayed article on Shalamov is the first thing I’ve written for the Literary Encyclopedia, but now I’ve got into the swing of things, more will follow — next up is Kolyma Tales, which should be there by mid-January.

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